Thursday, October 29, 2009

29 Days!!!

Thanks to everyone for your input and wedding cake ideas!
I have FINALLY finalized my design, using a few ideas from several of the cakes you sent.
I picked different aspects of each cake that I LOVED, and compiled them into one...adding a few of my own touches of course!

Here were my favorite picks that you sent. And SOON I will post my sketch!
Also, i have a surprise Groom's cake designed and planned. My fiance doesn't know about it, so I can't post that, but definitely will after the wedding!!! It's colorful and SO much fun.

We are down to 29 days!!!!! Stay tuned!

#1 - I love the alternating round AND hexagon shaped tiers
#2 - I love the warm ivory color and the elegant height
#7 - I love the beautiful piping and the stitched criss-cross pattern

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