Thursday, October 29, 2009

29 Days!!!

Thanks to everyone for your input and wedding cake ideas!
I have FINALLY finalized my design, using a few ideas from several of the cakes you sent.
I picked different aspects of each cake that I LOVED, and compiled them into one...adding a few of my own touches of course!

Here were my favorite picks that you sent. And SOON I will post my sketch!
Also, i have a surprise Groom's cake designed and planned. My fiance doesn't know about it, so I can't post that, but definitely will after the wedding!!! It's colorful and SO much fun.

We are down to 29 days!!!!! Stay tuned!

#1 - I love the alternating round AND hexagon shaped tiers
#2 - I love the warm ivory color and the elegant height
#7 - I love the beautiful piping and the stitched criss-cross pattern

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cara Linn, Inc. MOVING!

Well I am officially announcing it here...Cara Linn, Inc. is moving to Texas!

For all of my loyal New York friends, clients, and fans...your support and love have been LIFE-CHANGING. I will miss you all dearly. But don't worry! Cara Linn, Inc. will be back in NYC someday. Perhaps we will travel here for classes; eventually maybe even have a cake store here, we will keep in touch.

BUT until then, we are opening up shop in AMARILLO, TEXAS! We have a sweet little spot where we will hold classes and sell our cakes. The market there is ready for us so we are going!
Please keep up with us through our blog! I love to hear from you.

This is not an end but a bright beginning to a new season for me, Cara Linn, and my sweet life of cake.

Here's to my amazing 4 1/2 year adventure in New York City, the amazing people I've come to know and love, and a future full of purpose, hope, and happiness.

I also want to let you all know about my LAST classes here in New York.
I would love to see you all at least once more!!!
If you register this week, I am offering a 10% discount.

Sunday, October 18 – 1-3pm – Level 2 Handbag Cake Sculpting Class - $119
Tuesday, October 20 – 7-9pm – Mystery Class (not for beginners!) - $149

Feel free to pass this around! Discount open to everybody.