Thursday, September 24, 2009

Which Cake is Your Fave?

#1My wedding cake is still far from being designed, but with your help, we are a little bit closer!
I've had lots of ideas come in, thanks to everyone for sending me your inspirations!
Posted are my TOP TEN...I mean ELEVEN favorites that some of you sent, in no particular order. (You can tell by the ones I've chosen, I'm leaning towards a very tall cake!)

Please look at all the cakes and leave a comment voting for YOUR favorite! The numbers are listed above each cake. (The colors for our Fall wedding will be Ivory, Pink and Silver, so whichever cake we go with, will be designed in those colors.)







Your votes and comments will help me narrow down some ideas and hopefully I will be able to have my dream wedding cake designed within the next few weeks! STAY TUNED!!!
Your comments are SO appreciated!


  1. #7 would look beautiful for your fall wedding.
    Congrats again! Best wishes- Christine

  2. Hi Cara, congratulations on your future wedding. I love all the cakes, I would go with number #7 because is tall, but I think you should incorporate in the cake your story, how you meet, what you like, what do you have in common,the importance of God in your life. It might not look like the traditional wedding cake, but will be so unique!

  3. I like 1 and 9 the best. Mix and match the design!

  4. I think #6 and #8 look like you! Good luck!

  5. I love #2 and #6. I love that with #6 although it's far from traditional, you can tell your story.

    I'm so excited for you guys! Love ya!

  6. the first cake is my favourite :) Nice cakes

  7. Hi Cara! My friend knows your mom and she directed me to this site. I,too, decorate cakes and share your love for it. I really like cakes #1 and #10. Congrats on the engagement and many of God's blessings to you both! Staci B/Guymon, OK