Monday, September 14, 2009

Cara's Wedding Cake Challenge

So if you haven't heard, I'M ENGAGED! And already, I've had lots of people ask me,

The answer is YES!
I wouldn't put the pressure on anyone to try and appease my high cake standards, PLUS, nothing would make me more happy than to give our guests a little something that's a part of who I am.

My sweet, studly fiance James has been assisting me the past few months and is tremendous help when I need him (he's becoming quite good at rolling fondant!), SO we've decided to make it together!

My amazingly, talented sister Crystal is planning our entire wedding, so the cake is really all we have to focus on.

This is where you come in...JAMES AND I NEED YOUR HELP!

As many cakes as I look at every day and as many other weddings I make cakes for, finding the perfect cake that strikes me as my own can be a little challenging.

We would love suggestions, ideas, pictures, anything that you think might inspire us for our cake. The person whose idea we like the most will receive a prize from Cara Linn, Inc.!

We will be posting our "Wedding Cake Process" right here on our blog, so STAY TUNED and PLEASE send us YOUR idea for our cake!

Lots of Love from SweetLand and THANKS for being a part of my blog!

Cara Linn


  1. Cara, congratulations and best wishes to the both of you! I have no cake suggestions, but can't wait to see what you two dream up. I know it'll be stunning and a perfect expression of the day.

  2. YOU Sweet Cara are INCREDIBLY fun!!
    I, as a fellow designer I completely agree!!
    I too couldn't imagine anyone else designing my wedding dress...and was so blessed by the process...and LOVED it...(of course I had to do the bridesmaids as well.)
    What fun for you and James... and a GRAND idea! (not to mention...a great idea to start a new book of ideas for wedding cakes ideas, from all the ideas you do not adopt)
    PRAYING AS THIS COMES TO FRUITION...can't wait to see the process come alive here on your blog!

    NOW TO HIM....(Ephesians 3:20-21)

  3. May God bless you and James with an amazing wedding, and an amazing cake! Congrats!

    Amarillo, TX

  4. Congratulations Cara! I am so excited for you and James! Although I have no cake ideas to contribute, I can offer Gourmet "Spoon" Fudge wedding favors!! :) Your cakes and our "Spoon" Fudge...YUMMY!

    2 Sisters
    Amarillo, TX

  5. Congratulations Cara! I'm happy I can say that after actually meeting you. You are living the Sweet Life! I pray you both all the best and I can't wait to see the cake!