Sunday, August 30, 2009

SweetLand Adventure!!!

I am a little late in blogging about our recent classes in AMARILLO, TEXAS!!! Sorry for the delay, but nonetheless, these classes were a success! We had soooooo much fun making cakes and teaching lots of kids and adults a few tricks of the trade.

Check out the photos to catch a glimpse. (And stay posted to our blog to keep up with our schedule - we will be back in Amarillo VERY SOON and regularly from now on!) We have lots of sweet and exciting things planned for my hometown. Hope to see you in a class soon!



Call or email us at to ask about our upcoming classes!!! We would love to see you. We would also love to hear feedback from any of you who have already taken a class. We want to keep improving to better teach and serve you!

Thanks for your interest and Here's to the Sweet Life! Love, Cara Linn


  1. Hi Cara, I am glad you are doing so well. It seems that everyone was having a lot of fun. I love your classes, your are very patient and a great etacher with all of us, your tips are so helpful.
    Is Faith still working with you? I haven't hear from her in a while.
    Take care

  2. My girls loved your class once again! They even used their new techiniques to decorate cupcakes for a block party the next week. They were a hit:)